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What's New: Viking & Blood Cedar Bath Salts

Posted by Brooke Marton on


I've been wanting to revamp the bath salts line for awhile, so I thought I'd let the new year be an excuse for a few new scents.


Viking was an obvious choice, since the Vikings basically invented the custom of regular bathing and were the forbearers of the sauna/bathing culture that exists in Scandinavia to this day. Not to mention the fresh and wintery masculine scent is so seasonally appropriate (and you guys seem to love it as much as I do.)



The botanicals in this one are birch bark and iceland moss- for your authentic recreation of the Viking bathing experience (burly bearded fellow and cup of mead not included.)



Blood Cedar was my next selection- this one's been getting a lot of requests. If you like patchouli, this one is for you. Even if you don't, don't dismiss it without a try- the cedar adds a woodsy cleanness and the blood orange is bright and delightfully fresh.



Blood Cedar is blended with dried orange peel and Hawaiian red alea sea salt.


In order to make room, we're saying goodbye to Ginger Tea and  Black Tea & Mint (just the salts- both scents will be sticking around in other products.) I've got a few more new ones in mind, but I'd like to hear from you- are there any Firebird fragrances you're dying to take a soak in? What are your favorite relaxing or refreshing scents for bathtime?

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