Where are you located? Do you have a store? Can I come pick up my order?

We are located in Baltimore MD. We do not have a retail location at this time, and our business insurance does not allow us to have customers visit the property- sorry!



Is there somewhere I can see feedback and reviews of your products?

Yes! We have sold on Etsy since 2008, and you can read more than 20,000 positive reviews by visiting our feedback page.



Do you give out free products to beauty bloggers or youtube beauty gurus?

Nope. It's important to us that when people read reviews of our products, they know those reviews were not bought with free product.



I have a store and would like to carry your products. Do you offer wholesale or consignment? What about private label?

You can visit our wholesale page here. We do not offer consignment or private label at this time.



Do you take custom orders? Can you make me a product without certain ingredients? I've been looking for this discontinued perfume forever, can you make me something that smells like it?

Unfortunately we are not able to fulfill custom product requests, due to time and cost limitations and the difficulty of doing custom work over the internet. A custom perfume would really require a series of in person visits and we don't have the facilities to accommodate that. Additionally, we don't do duplications of other company's scents. Ever. Our interest is in developing our own fragrance library, not replicating the work of others.



Do you offer any bulk discounts?

Yes! Whether you are looking for bridal shower or wedding favors, promotional handouts, or products for sampler/subscription boxes, we'd be happy to chat with you about your project. Get in touch!



Are your products vegan-friendly?

Some are and some are not. The lip balms and tints are not vegan (they contain beeswax) and neither are the lotions (silk protein.) The perfumes, soaps, scrubs, and bath salts are all vegan friendly EXCEPT for the Cinders scent (one of the fragrance components contains natural beeswax.) The glycerin in our soap base is from vegetable sources, and we do not use any colorants or micas that contain carmine. Feel free to ask if you need clarification on the status or ingredients of any particular product.



I have a question that's not on this list! How do I contact you?

Visit our Contact page here.