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Welcome, Baby!

Posted by Brooke Marton on

I'd like to introduce our new addition! Baby Lily was born on June 24th, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz and measuring 18.5 inches. (Yes, that would be the day after I went on maternity leave- excellent timing, little one!) She is a sweet and happy baby and we are completely smitten! Our days have been spent soaking up the baby snuggles, doing our best to function on little or no sleep, and marveling at how fast it's all going by. 

I'll be reopening the shops in the second week of August. I have a fantastic assistant who has been working with me, and she'll be packing orders for a few weeks while I take a little more time with the baby. We won't be restocking any sold out products during that time, but business as usual will resume around the beginning of September. We did a lot of restocking right before I went on leave so most things should be be available.

Thanks for sticking around during this amazing/challenging/stressful/exciting time! I'm anxious to get back to the workshop and start putting together a fall collection for you guys… but first there are some baby cheeks that need kissing.


-Brooke (& Baby Lily!)



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  • She is so precious! Congrats Brooke!

    Renee Anne on
  • Congrats on the baby! She looks so cute and snuggly.

    Can’t wait for you to reopen because your lotions and lip balms are onmy birthday list! My birthday is August 29th and I made it extremely clear that you are on my list. :D

    Leanna on
  • Congratulations! Welcome baby Lily!!!

    Emily on
  • Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy every moment!

    Sharon Milroy on

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