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Lavender Milk Perfume
Lavender Milk Perfume

Lavender Milk Perfume

A snuggly, sleepy blend of lavender and vanilla, with coconut milk, marshmallow, and sugared musk.

I used used four different varieties of lavender to create an accord with mellow floral notes and no harsh/bitter undertones. I've previously expressed strong feelings about lavender (see: the description for my Lavender Wood perfume) but they've evolved a bit since then. To be more specific, I had a baby- and the ubiquitous soft lavender scent of all those baby washes and powders and lotions is now permanently associated with fuzzy newborn baby heads, and wiggly fresh-from-the-bath toes, and squishy little cheeks, and heavy-lidded milk-drunk smiles.

So this is kind of the grown-up perfume version of that. A fluffy cloud of lavender cotton candy that dissolves into coconut milk and tendrils of cozy vanilla musk.

  • .3 oz (9ml) glass roller bottle
  • alcohol-free perfume oil
  • notes: lavender, vanilla, coconut milk, sugared musk

Firebird perfume oils are concentrated fragrance in a base of fractionated coconut oil- super light, quickly absorbed, and non-staining. Because they're rolled on instead of sprayed, the scent is worn closer to the body than typical alcohol-based sprays- so you're not going to knock over everyone you walk past (which is a good thing, right?) The scent also doesn't evaporate as quickly as with alcohol-based perfumes, and you don't have to wait for the alcohol smell to dissipate before you get the true scent of the perfume.

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, fragrance