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Cabin Perfume

Cabin Perfume

When my sister and I were about 11 we went to a summer camp called "Wilderness Challenge Camp" for a few years in a row. The second year the teenage counselors were too busy sneaking off into the woods to smoke cigarettes and make out with each other to build camp fires, set up our tents, or feed us. We all got poison ivy and went home early. But the first year was pretty epic. We stayed in cabins and basically ran wild in the woods, minimally supervised and having the time of our lives.

When my sister got married last year, she rented out a cabin camp in a Virginia national forest that was so similar to our camp, we were convinced it was the same place (until my mom suddenly remembered where the other place was.) The wedding took place around the bonfire pit, the guests stayed in the little log cabins with the squeaky twin beds and all the spiders, and everyone got to run wild in the woods again like 11 year olds (well, with more alcohol and even less supervision, but you get the point.)

She asked me to make some camp-themed soaps for favors and a perfume for her, and this is the scent we came up with. Heavy on the woods- Virginia cedar and fir needle- with a base of mossy earth and a hefty dose of campfire smoke. This is dirt under your nails, pine needles under your feet, smoke in your hair, fire in your eyes, and that lifting feeling in your heart when you step into the woods and their silent magic begins to soak into your skin.


  • .3 oz (9ml) glass roller bottle
  • alcohol-free perfume oil
  • notes: campfire smoke, Virginia cedar, fir needle

Firebird perfume oils are concentrated fragrance in a base of fractionated coconut oil- super light, quickly absorbed, and non-staining. Because they're rolled on instead of sprayed, the scent is worn closer to the body than typical alcohol-based sprays- so you're not going to knock over everyone you walk past (which is a good thing, right?) The scent also doesn't evaporate as quickly as with alcohol-based perfumes, and you don't have to wait for the alcohol smell to dissipate before you get the true scent of the perfume.

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, fragrance