New Arrivals

Mediterranean Collection May 01 2014

Four scents inspired by the Mediterranean: Figs & Honey, Pomegranate Basil, Olive Blossom, and Green Lemon. Think: delicate fruits and florals, bright citrus, green herbs, and warm sunny breezes. Available in soap, scrubs, perfume and lotion (mini soaps and perfume samples too.) Happy spring!

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The Throwback Collection February 19 2014

Seven "classic" Firebird soaps from our first year in business, back for a limited edition collection to celebrate our 5th anniversary! Scents include: Russian Tea Cake, Agave, Black Pepper & Fig, Rosemary Mint, Bergamot Pear, Applewood, and Lavender Cocoa.

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Nordic Mini Collection February 01 2014

Inspired by snowy woods, ice-capped mountains, frozen plants, romanticized nordic/scandinavian influences, and everything beautiful and special about the outdoors this time of year. Three soaps and three perfumes in: Ice Garden, Snow & Ashes, and Timberwood. Put on another sweater and enjoy.

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Winter Bath Salts January 27 2014

Two new bath salts for the season. Viking is a fresh and wintery masculine scent and the salts are blended with Iceland moss and birch bark for your authentic recreation of the Viking bathing experience! Blood Cedar is for patchouli lovers, balanced with earthy cedar and bright citrus, and is blended with Hawaiian red alea sea salt and dried orange peel.

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Return of the Scrubs! November 15 2013

Sugar Cube Scrubs are back! Our proprietary formula features creamy cocoa butter, skin-loving avocado oil, and the gentle but effective exfoliating power of sugar, in a convenient single-serving cube. Our most-loved product. This round the scents include: Woodsmoke & Vanilla, Cedar & Mint, Black Cocoa, Lavender Wood, Snowdrift, and Tobacco Honey.

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